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Event Overview

“CYBERGEN 2023” will be the 2nd large conference gathering cybersecurity experts and professionals, with top-notch speakers and leading companies from around the world. In recent years, technology became increasingly integrated into our daily lives and the need for strong cybersecurity measures has become more crucial than ever before for the Central Banks and the financial system as a whole.
By gathering field experts from the leading companies, public and private, including financial sectors “CYBERGEN 2023” aims to create a fruitful environment for professionals to network, share cutting-edge security technologies and systems, threat intelligence, risk management mechanisms and knowledge in best practices for performance improvement and advancements in the field.
CYBERGEN arrives to ensure that speakers and vendors can deliver best possible content, such as technological and methodological approaches, systems and solutions oriented content and have scientific and analytical presentations (not specific product demonstrations and promotions, and not illustration of company provided tools, etc.).

What is CYBERGEN About

Network of leaders, enthusiasts, experts and professionals in the field of Cybersecurity
People, processes and technologies for Cybersecurity
Cyber resiliency and security frameworks, models and methodologies
Discussion of latest trends, technologies and best practices
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Promotion of awareness, education, and collaboration in the fight against cyber threats
We welcome financial institutions, IT professionals, and cybersecurity enthusiasts to join us in CYBERGEN annual conference on Information and Cybersecurity, to build together a stronger cybersecurity environment and protect our organizations and critical infrastructures from cyber threats!



31 May – 02 June, 2023 
Time Zone – GMT +4


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