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Lee Rossey

Lee Rossey

CTO, Co-Founder at SimSpace

Lee Rossey is a former MIT Lincolns Laboratory Leader, establishing the Cyber System Assessments Group to become a nationally recognized center of excellence. He led the group in cyber range development, cyber test and evaluation, cyber red teaming, and cyber exploitation as well as the deployment of the LARIAT traffic generation tool.

As Group Leader Mr. Rossey worked with DARPA, testing and evaluating over 30 classified and unclassified programs. He also worked with the Air Force.

Mr. Rossey led several national studies for the Department of Defense to identify and assess existing capabilities, develop an approach and roadmap for their consolidation and advancement and provide the roadmap for the future, which laid the foundation for the National Cyber Range Complex, the Persistent Cyber Training Environment, and other specialized testing and training facilities.

Since 2015 Mr. Rossey serves as the CTO and Co-Founder at SimSpace, The SimSpace platform is being used as the solution for USCYBERCOM’s Persistent Cyber Training Environment and for other militaries around the world, as well as many commercial customers.

10:00 - 10:40